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Outreach - Public Screenings

The following details films that were screened during the 2007 Wildlife Asia Film Festival. Info on the 2008 screenings will be released closer to the festival.

For more info on the films, either click on film or see below

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Wild Screenings @ The Arts House
The Arts House
Old Parliament House,
1 Old Parliament Lane,
Singapore 179429
Tickets @ $6 each, purchased at the box office OR by phone at (65) 6332 6919 OR download the booking form on http://www.theartshouse.com.sg/tickets.html and send by fax (65) 6339 9695 OR email tickets@toph.com.sg
NOTE: * denotes award winners from other festivals

Tues 13 March

@ The Arts House
4.30 pm Moon Bears: Journey To Freedom
60 mins

Director: Patricia Ang
Producer: Libby Haliday
Produced by Oak Tree Films Pte Ltd for Animal Planet International

Moon bears are rare, secretive and endangered. In a sanctuary in Sichuan, China, Jill Robinson is fighting for the lives of 500 moon bears farmed for their bile to be used in traditional Chinese medicine.

7.30 pm Private Screening (Wildlife Asia Opening Party)

Saving Cambodia’s Great Lake
22 mins

Producer/ Director: Steven Griffiths
Produced by Asian Development Bank

The Tonle Sap is among the most productive freshwater fisheries in the world. The Cambodian people depend on the lake’s resources, but how long can it last? The Tonle Sap has become an environmental hotspot, but there are grounds for optimism as communities work together to protect the lake’s resources and improve their livelihood.

Followed by...

20 mins

Director: Lara Ariffin
Producer: Harun Rahman, Lara Ariffin
Produced by Novista TV

Temengor is Peninsular Malaysia’s second largest remaining block of virgin forest with immense biodiversity. This documentary was made for Malysians to inspire them to protect their rain forest heritage. It showcases amazing plants and animals, the relationships found within, and the role the rain forest plays.

Wed 14 March

@ The Arts House
4.30 pm Gabon: Eden on the Edge
52 mins

Producer: Stella Cha
Produced by National Geographic Television,
Co-produced by OFF the Fence

It is a place as surreal as it is beautiful, like something out of a child’s dream. We will embark on a wildlife odyssey and along the way, tell a story of hope, courage and conviction of one nation’s people to preserve their own legacy.

Equator: Rivers of the Sun*
52 mins

Producer/ Director: Satoshi Okabe
Executive Producers: Masaru Ikeo, Shinichi Murata, Peter Hayden
Produced by NHK, Co-produced by NHNZ

The mighty Amazon River is the lifeblood of a forest. For half a year freshwater fish flourish in floodwaters that rise amongst the trees, then the waters retreat and the fish must face a six-month drought. The ancient Amazon has endured, and is both a time capsule for ancient animals and a hot-house for the evolution of new species.

Thur 15 March - Wild Wildlife of Australia

@ The Arts House
4.30 pm Tribute to Steve Irwin Special Screening

Crikey! What an Adventure!
30 mins

This is a tribute to the magnificent life of Steve Irwin. It portrayed him in all aspects including his roles to his family, to his friends and his role to the public, where he established himself as a role model for the future. It reveals never-before-seen footage that sums up Steve as the one thing he was to everyone: The Croc Hunter.
Southern Right Whales of Argentina
30 mins

Producer/ Director: Chris Johnson
Produced by earthOCEAN media

The Atlantic coast of Argentina is a haven for the endangered southern right whale. The waters that surround Peninsula Valdes are a nursing ground for one of the largest remaining populations of this species. We learn more about these beautiful creatures by observing the behavior of these mammals.
7.30 pm Operation Jumbo
50 mins
Presented by lead character Nigel Mason

Producers: Brad & Belinda Cone
Director: Brad Cone
Produced by Threefold Films

Compelled to save the lives of ten endangered Sumatran Elephants from certain death in a government run camp, conservationist Nigel Mason risked everything to transport these elephants over 3500 kilometers to his elephant safari park in the hills of Bali.

Fri 16 March - Wild Wildlife of Australia

@ The Arts House
4.30 pm Meltdown Australia
20 mins

Director: Tanya Petersen, Nick Turner
Producer: Tanya Petersen, Trish Connolly
Executive Producer: Brenda Kelly
Produced by WWF

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest barrier reef system in the world, extending 2,000 kilometers along the coast of Queensland in Northeastern Australia. It’s a world heritage site and generates around 6-billion dollars worth of tourism revenue for Australia every year, but global warming could change all this.

Meltdown Fiji
20 mins

Director: Tanya Petersen, Nick Turner
Producer: Tanya Petersen, Trish Connolly
Executive Producer: Brenda Kelly
Produced by WWF

University of the South Pacific professor, Randy Thanman, travels to Kabara, an idyllic Pacific island in Fiji to meet Penina Moce a native of Kabara and hear the very personal story of how global warming is making life on the island more and more difficult.
7.30 pm The Big Blue*

Producer/ Director: Jennifer Clevers
Executive Producer: Dione Gilmore
Produced by ABC TV Natural History Unit,
Co-produced by NHK Asia

Journey to Australia’s southern ocean and uncover one of its best-kept secrets - a natural phenomenon called ‘the Bonney Upwelling’ that sparks a feeding frenzy all the way up the food chain to the planet’s largest living creature, the Blue Whale. With a heart the size of a Volkswagen, a tongue that weighs more than an elephant, and a mouth big enough to capture 50 tonnes of sea water, a feeding Blue Whale is a sight to behold.

Sat 17 March

@ The Arts House
2.30 pm

Cherub of the Mist*
49 mins

Director: Naresh Bedi
Producers: Naresh Bedi, Rajesh Bedi
Produced by Bedi Films

Deep in the misty, inaccessible mountains of Himalayas lives a rare and elusive animal, hardly seen or studied in the wild - the ‘Fire Cat’ or Red Panda. Made over two years, the film follows two zoo bred pandas, Mini and Sweety, as they become the first ever released into the wilds of the Singalila National Park. It reveals for the first time the courtship, mating, nest building and rearing of the newborn cubs of this highly secretive bamboo eating carnivore.

4.30 pm The Queen of Trees*
52 mins

Producers/ Directors: Mark Deeble, Victoria Stone
Associate Producer: Masaru Ikeo
Executive Producer: Alan Root
Produced by Flat Dog Productions,
Co-produced by NHK, BBC, 13/WNET New York, Granada International, ZDF

The fig tree and fig wasp differ in size a billion times over, but neither could exist without the other. Their extraordinary relationship is a pinnacle of co-evolution, and the basis of a complex web of dependency that supports animals from ants to elephants. It is one of the most amazing stories in the natural world - a tale of intrigue and drama, set against grand Africa and its wildlife.

7.30 pm Planet Earth The Future: Saving the Species
58 mins

Director: Fergus Beeley
Producer: Fergus Beeley
Produced by BBC

Planet Earth revealed our world and its wildlife as we’ve never seen them before, but how much of it will ever be seen like that again? With our planet facing a loss of plants and animals on an unprecedented scale, some of the 21st century’s front-line thinkers - scientists, environmentalists and people on the ground - take a considered look at their future, and suggest ways in which they might survive.

Sun 18 March

@ The Arts House
3.00 pm Orphan To King*
49 mins

Director: Harvey Jones
Producer: Linda Bell
Produced by Tigress Productions

One morning nearly 30 years ago, in the rainforest of Borneo, hunters killed an orangutan mother and kidnapped her baby for the pet trade. Today that baby is Kusasi, a king among his kind and father to a new generation of wild-born orangutans. From Orphan to King charts the path of his extraordinary life.

6.00 pm Winner of the Lion Award



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