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2007 Seminars

The following details the events during the 2007 Wildlife Asia Festival. Information on the 2008 programe will be released closer to the festival.

Day One - March 13th 2007

Opening Seminar: East Side Story
East Side Story sets the scene for the festival - taking an in-depth look at wildlife filmmaking in Asia, identifying the stories that need to be covered in Asia, and examining how the industry will develop over the next few years. Topics include: "what's hot and what's not in wildlife filmmaking in Asia", and "getting more Asian stories on western TV screens".

Indie Scene
It ain't easy being an independent filmmaker, it's even harder to be an independent wildlife Filmmaker. Indie Scene puts the independents centre-stage as we learn how they are making strides into wildlife/environmentail filmmaking in the region.

Forecasting the Future
Where is wildlife filmmaking heading? Our panel will consist of leading filmmakers, broadcasters and distributors who will predict how technological advances and changing styles of programme making will influence the development of the genre over the coming years.

Day Two - March 14th 2007

East Meets West
Analysing the different ways of story telling between East and West – comparing styles of narrative, directing, editing and cinematography, and discusses why there isn’t more cross-over.

Career in Focus
A one-on-one interview with a leading light in wildlife filmmaking. We will discover how they got to where they are today and learn about the passion that motivates them to do what they do.

Science Vs Story
An issue that always provokes heated debate: Can dumbing down go too far? In our attempts to reach broader, larger audiences have we neglected good educational story telling? How is reality television affecting our perception of what the viewers want?

The Making Of... Wild China
A fantastic opportunity to get a sneak peek at the ground-breaking co-production between the BBC and CCTV - with a panel consisting of BBC Executive Producer Bryan Leith and CCTV Production Manager Wang Jingming.

 Day Three - March 15th 2007

Children’s Programming
A look at the latest moves in children’s programming, addressing one of the most pressing concerns in wildlife television – how to reach the youth of today and hook the next generation of channel subscribers, or should we say the next generation of nature lovers.

Focus on the Tiger Trade
Following on from the previous night's Wild Night at the Zoo with Valmik Thapar, this session takes an indepth look at the state of tiger conservation in the region , examines the main threats, from wildlife trade to habitat destruction, and explores what we can do to help communicate these issues to the public and decision makers.

Focus on Climate Change
One of the hottest topics in the media, and thus deserving of a seminar of it's own! In this session we attempt to break through the haze that has lead to so much confusion in the eyes of the public, and see if our panel can come to a concensus on how the media should tackle this issue.

Interactive Future
What is the future of broadcasting? This seminal seminar attempts to forecast how convergence of the media and interactive television will affect future wildlife filmmaking and identifies key technological developments such as 3G broadcasting that are enabling us to develop new ways to communicate.  

 Day Four - March 16th 2007

The Making Of...
A short series of seminars where we put one of the year's most popular documentaries under the microscope - with a panel consisting of key members of the production team.

We’ll Know When We See It! / The Pitch
There will be standing room only for this seminar as a panel of commissioning editors are grilled by our moderator on what kind of programmes they will be looking to commission next season. We will also identify certain documentaries that have worked particularly well in the past and most revealing of all, documentaries that might have not quite reached expectations! The end of the session will see brave delegates being given the opportunity to pitch their ideas to the panel. (Delegates who are interested need to email Wildlife Asia to book a spot: chrisd@wildlifeasia.org)

Youths Speak Out (Closing Youth Event)
Youths take centre-stage and give delegate the chance to hear what THEY have to say about the environment – What worries them? What are THEY doing to help the environment? What can WE do to make their futures bright and green?

Making A Difference
One of the most contentious issues in wildlife filmmaking – do wildlife films ‘make a difference’ to conservation? We like to think they are - and during this seminar we take a look at a few case-studies of films that HAVE made an impact on conservation. But at the same time we ask is the industry doing enough for the natural world? Should NGOs expect more from their involvement in natural history film production? Should filmmakers be doing more to protect the resources from which they make their living? ... But is it the wildlife filmmaking industry’s responsibility to tell every side of the story? What role should other media be playing?

NB: Wildlife Asia reserves the right to change the subject matter and/or the timing of events.



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