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2007 Special Events

The following details the events during the 2007 Wildlife Asia Festival. Information on the 2008 programe will be released closer to the festival.

Day One - March 13th 2007

Opening Ceremony
A great way to start the day, featuring short introductory speeches from key Guests of Honour.

Opening Address - Wong How Man
Wildlife Asia is honoured to have celebrated Chinese explorer Wong How Man from the China Exploration & Research Society (CERS) to kick off the Opening Seminar in what promisses to be entertaining and though-provoking reflections on conservation in Asia from a Chinese perspective.

During the 1980s, Wong led six major expeditions for the National Geographic Society and in 1986 he founded the China Exploration & Research Society. CERS projects are often featured in leading media like CNN, ABC, BBC, National Geographic Channel, and CCTV etc. Discovery Channel has made several full-hour documentaries on CERS projects.

Wong How Man was honored in 2002 by Time Magazine as one of 25 Asian Heroes, calling him “the most accomplished living explorer of China”.

Opening Night Cocktail Party
The first social event of the festival – a great chance to mingle, make new friends, and develop new business relationships.

Day Two - March 14th 2007

Evening Event - A Wild Night at the Zoo: A Wild Life
Open to special guests of Singapore Zoo
An in-depth interview with three key figures in wildlife filmmaking, conservation and exploration.
This event will have a particular focus on tiger conservation due to the severe and increasing threat that tigers are facing in India and beyond

Wong How Man (see above), Dr Brady Barr and Valmik Thapar

Brady Barr:
Reptile expert Dr. Brady Barr is the first person ever to capture and study all 23 species of crocodilians in the wild. Recently, the National Geographic Channel created a special TV program, Dangerous Encounters: Countdown Croc celebrating this historic achievement.

What has driven Barr for 15 years, through 50 countries is a desire to save these crocs in the wild. At present, nearly one third of all croc species are considered endangered. One of the 23 species he has captured, the wild Siamese crocodile was thought to be functionally extinct in the wild.

In 1997, Barr signed on with National Geographic as a field specialist for the Explorer series, becoming National Geographic’s resident herpetologist, and has since appeared in more than 60 National Geographic films.

Valmik Thapar
Since 1976 Thapar has been obsessed with tigers, recording, filming and photographing these magnificent creatures in an attempt to document their behaviour fully. In 1981 he received the President's Award for the Best Documentary Film of the Year in India.

He presented television documentaries on the wildlife of the Indian subcontinent and has written numerous books and articles on Tigers including Tigers; the Secret Life and Tiger: The Ultimate Guide. He is also executive director of the Ranthambhore Foundation and a member of the IUCN's International Cat Group.

One of India’s leading conservationists, he has been dubbed “India’s David Attenborough”.

Followed by: A Wild Life Reception

Day Three - March 15th 2007

Evening Event: Green is the Colour of Money - round-table discussion
And it is also a colour synonymous with conservation and the environment. Finally we are making the link and beginning to put a price-tag on the natural world, and assessing our impact on the environment in economical terms… But are we too late? And are the forecasts accurate? And are we really managing to get the message through to the general public? The Oct ‘06 ‘Stern Review’ from the UK is the latest example of how this topic throws up as many questions as it does answers, the consequence of which is more often than not a confused and disenchanted public.

This thought-provoking discussion features foremost authorities on conservation and the environment in Asia. The topic: The economic impact of our use and abuse of the environment – where does the truth lie?  How do we effectively communicate these issues to the public?  And how we can bridge the sometimes insurmountable gap between awareness and action and motivate people to ACTIVELY care for the environment?

Followed by: Colour of Money Reception

Day Four - March 16th 2007

Evening Event: The Lion Awards
Asia’s premier international wildlife and environmental film awards – named in honour of our host country. This world-class event celebrates Asian wildlife, conservation and environmental filmmaking, rewards the best films, and recognizes the production teams, scientists and broadcasters behind them.

Celebrated Chinese explorer Wong How Man to deliver Opening Address.

Conservationist, herpetologist and presenter for National Geographic Dr Brady Barr

Acclaimed tiger conservationist Valmik Thapar special guest for A Wild Life.




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