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2007 Workshops, Training & Speed Pitching

The following details the events during the 2007 Wildlife Asia Festival. Information on the 2008 programe will be released closer to the festival.

Workshops are free to all delegates and do not require registration.

Training Sessions are only open to delegates who have paid for the particular session. They are more focused workshops, running for 1/2 day or full day. These sessions have limited capacity – with a maximum of 20 participants, so please book early to reserve a place.

Speed Pitching Sessions
Do YOU have a great programme idea?
Do YOU have the creative or technical skills to make the next great wildlife film in Asia?

Speed Pitching sessions offer you the opportunity to have one-on-one sessions with the broadcasters. The sessions are available to all delegates who hold a full event pass or day pass. Due to limited capacity, these events require advanced booking by delegates (NO extra fee involved).

Only registered delegates can participate in our Training Sessions and Speed Pitching Sessions.

Day One - March 13th 2007


TechScene - Video Cameras
This series of workshops will explore technical advances that are influencing filmmaking today. An overview of latest advances in video camera technology – including an introduction to the inner workings of the latest video cameras – aimed at the more technically inclined and those who want to get a greater understanding of the differing formats available.

High Definition
An introduction to High Definition – comparing the format to SD and Film and looking at pro’s and con’s, effect on workflow etc. Aimed at newcomers to HD production: producers, directors, PMs, cameramen, editors etc.


How to Write a Knock-out Proposal
From concept to pitch, this in-depth workshop goes through the processes required to produce a knock-out programme proposal. Areas covered include – importance of research, character and story development, the importance of key talent (on screen and behind camera), developing co-production deals, understanding the needs of the broadcasters.
Training from one of the UK's best - Frances Berrigan of Cicada Films. Not only is Frances a celebrated filmmaker, but she a regular tutor on the Discovery Campus, and also founder member of the Independents Researcher Training Scheme.
Pax: < 16

Day Two - March 14th 2007


How To Shoot on a Budget
The tools that one can deploy Exploring how technological advances are helping to revolutionize filmmaking. Introduction to the latest advances in “pro-sumer” cameras, together with a simple explanation and comparison between formats – HDV, XDCAM HD, and DVCProHD. The session will also take a look at how technology is revolutionising production – with laptop computers enabling us to view rushes and even edit the complete story whilst on location. Aimed at producers, directors, production managers, camera operators as well as newcomers.


Introduction to Video Camerawork
A ½ day workshop on video camerawork for newcomers, with an emphasis on hands-on. Introducing the basic terminology and allowing participants to play with a range of cameras – from HDV to HDCAM.
Pax: <12

Non-Linear Editing
½ day detailed workshop focussing on the creative and technical aspects of wildlife documentary editing. All the tips and tricks from one of the industry’s top award-winning editors. The session will focus on a particular NLE software – dependent on sponsorship.
Pax: < 12


Speed Pitching Day 1 - Programme Proposals and on/off-screen Talent
5-10 minute one-on-one sessions for new talent to present their skills and ideas to the decision makers in wildlife broadcasting. Open to delegates only - sessions are free but you MUST book beforehand to participate -email: info@wildlifeasia.org

Day Three - March 15th 2007


Careers in Wildlife Filmmaking
An overview of the different job opportunities in wildlife documentary filmmaking and advice on the variety of vocational and educational routes one can take (be it science or the media) to start a successful career in the industry. Open to the public – with a particular focus on students.

How To Sell - From Fundraising to the Pitch
Focussing on the art of the sell – from finding the funds, to sealing the deal, it's all about the pitch. This workshop first investigates the various ways by which you can fund your documentary – from the regular routes of broadcaster and distributor funding to less tried and tested routes such as sponsorship. The session then identifies the key ingredients required to create an irresistible proposal, and concludes with the do's and don'ts of sealing the deal - the key factors that will dictate whether your proposal will be a winner or an also-ran.


A 1/2 day workshop unveiling the most sought-after tips for writing top scripts! The do’s and don’ts, comparing different preferences of various broadcasters. The session will detail the kind of research and preparation needed and underline the importance of a good understanding of narrative and story structure.
Pax: <16

High Definition in the Field
A full-day training session at Singapore Zoological Gardens with HD cinematographer David Curl from the Australasian Natural History Unit. Focussing on hands-on, this session will allow participants the opportunity to operate the latest high definition cameras. Participants will also grasp the fundamentals of HD filming - such as shooting in progressive mode etc.
Dr David Curl is an Australian-based zoologist and film-maker whose films have won awards from many international festivals, including Wildscreen, Jackson Hole and the Banff Television Festival. With extensive experience shooting on 16mm and 35mm film, he was one of the earliest adopters of HD outside Japan. His film “Silhouettes of the Desert” was the first production completed in HD in Australia and he has been an owner-operator of Sony HD cameras for the past 6 years.


Speed Pitching Day 2 - Programme Proposals and on/off-screen Talent

5-10 minute one-on-one sessions for new talent to present their skills and ideas to the decision makers in wildlife broadcasting. Open to delegates only - sessions are free but you MUST book beforehand to participate -email: info@wildlifeasia.org

Day Four - March 16th 2007


Sound Recording in the Field
A fantastic opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade from location sound recording expert Mark Roberts. Mark, trained in the UK, has over 18 years' experience in location sound recording, and in 1993 choose Hong Kong to set up his company, Television & Film Sound. Mark's credits include: Discovery Atlas - China Revealed; The History of Singapore; Krakatoa; Walking With Dinosaurs and Amazon Abyss.

NB: Wildlife Asia reserves the right to change the subject matter and/or the timing of events. Delegates will receive full refunds in the unlikely event of a Training Session being cancelled.




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