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Singapore Scene

'Uniquely Singapore'

Singapore is made up of not just one island but a main island with 63 surrounding islets. The main island has a total land area of 682 square km.

According to legend, during the 11th century, a visiting Sri Vijayan prince saw an animal he mistook for a lion and thus this small island was named: "Singa Pura" or "Lion City". (And this is how we came to name our awards the Lion Awards).

But despite Singapore's strategic geographic position, located at the natural meeting point of sea routes at the tip of the Malay Peninsula, things stayed pretty quiet until the Brit's moved in. It was Sir Stamford Raffles (who was also a founder of the Zoological Society of London and the London Zoo), who established Singapore as a traiding station to aid the British Empire's growth in the region.

Thus the foundations were laid for Singapore to grow into one of Asia's most vibrant cities. In just 150 years, Singapore has grown into a thriving centre of commerce and industry.

Despite the fact that Singapore is now a booming and bustling metropolis, it still retains some of its old-world charm, and if you know where to look, you'll be pleasantly surprised at Singapore's unique mix of old and new, with vibrant cultural influences from China, Malaysia and India mixed harmoniously to create a rich landscape that is bursting with colourful culture, historical heritage, phenomenal gastronomic experiences and a vibrant arts scene.

Add to that a shopping haven, a bustling nightlife and a city that is no stranger to self indulgence and pampering - you get a unique experience that is Uniquely Singapore.

A comprehensive list of activities is available on the Singapore Tourism Board website (www.visitsingapore.com). Check out their top 20 unique things to do in Singapore here.

Garden City of Asia

If whilst visiting, you feel the need for more green - then we've got the answer! Nature-loving friends of Wildlife Asia have provided us with their top green spaces in Singapore. Click here for more details.

The National Parks Board has also kindly arranged guided tours for delegates to a number of these locations during the weekends before and after the festival - an excellent reasons to extend your stay! Click here for more information

We would also heartily recommend the Sinapore Zoological Gardens and Night Safari.

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Republic of Singapore

683 sq km / 264 sq miles

4.5 million

GMT/UTC +8 (Standard Time)

English and Mandarin are widely spoken

42% Buddhist, 15% Muslim, 14% Christian, 9% Taoist, 4% Hindu

Singapore Dollar (roughly converted as US$1 = S$1.55)

230V 50HzHz

British-style plug with two flat blades and one flat grounding blade


Tropical anytime of the year. Generally expect average temperatures to reach around 31ºC (88ºC) during the day and linger around 24ºC (75ºC) at night. Click here for current weather forecast.

Log on to the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority to find out if you require a visa prior to your travels to Singapore.

Getting around Singapore is easy. The public transport system is efficient and clean. Most locals use the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and public buses. Taxis are also plentiful. Click here for more information.

Photos courtesy of Singapore Tourism Board



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Singapore Scene
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