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The 2008 Lion Awards

NOTE: Although the dates of the Wildlife Asia Film Festival have been postponed, we still welcome entries to the Lion Awards - all entries will remain valid.

Celebrating the very best in wildlife and environmental fimmaking in Asia and throughout the World

The Lion Awards reward the best films, and the production teams, conservationists and broadcasters behind them. Newcomers to wildlife and conservation filmmaking will also be recognised.

There will be dedicated awards for conservation and environmental films - particularly encouraging productions that creatively bring the conservation message to new audiences.

The Lion Awards have a particular focus on Asia but entrants will come from all over the globe - recognising the fact that films from any part of the world can have a direct impact on the lives of those who watch them, no matter where they call home.

Details below - alternatively download the entry form here




1st June Deadline for Early Bird Rate (20% discount)

31st August

Deadline for Film Awards submissions


Shortlist Panel to shortlist films for Awards


Awards Nominations shortlist released
(6 wks to go)


Final judging


Awards Ceremony

Submission Rules

Entries must comply with the following:


Early-Bird Deadline EXTENDED to July 01st 2008 (20% discount)
Final Deadline and payment must reach Wildlife Asia by August 31st 2008


Entries in all categories should feature wildlife, the natural world, the environment and/or man's relationship with nature. Wildlife Asia encourages films with an Asian perspective - films shot in Asia, by Asian filmmakers, and with relevance to an Asian audience. But we welcome films from all around the world, recognising the fact that no-matter where the film is shot, its' message has meaning throughout the world.

Films submitted may be of any length, may originate in any format (including animation) and be fictional or non-fictional. They may be individual films or part of a series. (Series will not be accepted – instead films will be judged on their individual merits).

Films must have been completed between 1st January 2006 and 31st June 2008, but need not have been broadcast or publicly released prior to submission.

Photos must have been taken after or first published after 1st January 2006.

Journalistic articles must have been written or published after 1st January 2006.

There is no time restriction for websites.

Non-English language entries are welcomed, but must include English subtitles / voiceover. (Alternatively English time-coded scripts and a DVD with BITC may be accepted on prior approval by the festival team).


The award itself is in the form of a special print designed specially for Wildlife Asia by Singapore's celebrated Artist Mr Tan Khim Ser. We are indebted to Mr Tan for generously designing and painting this work of art.

The characters “shi zi” is the Chinese word for Lion; the bamboo in the background denotes peace and longevity; and finally, bamboo in Chinese is “zhu”, which also closely sounds like the Chinese word for pig – and according to the Chinese calendar, this is the year of the Golden Pig. It all comes together!

All Lion Award winners will be presented with a special print as their trophy.

Mr. Tan is one of Singapore’s best loved artist, having pursued his artistic endeavor since graduating from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 1966, mastering both the Chinese and Western art and developing his own unique and distinctive style. His first art exhibition was held in 1967 and his work is widely acclaimed. He specializes in water-colour and Chinese brush paintings. The execution of his strokes, lively and skillful, honed and tempered through years of experience, is a hallmark of a true artist.


Programs must have a mixed (mono or stereo) audio track.

Entries must be submitted in the following format:
·       DVD (region-free)

NOTE: PAL VHS is permitted for exceptional cases only – films submitted on VHS will not be screened during the festival.

Shortlisted films may be required to be submitted on PAL HDCAM or Digital BETACAM tape – Wildlife Asia will advise once the shortlist is released.

Programs with visible time-code or other defects may be disqualified. 


1/ A completed & signed film entry form (from page 6 onwards in this document). Please send a hard copy with the films and email a soft copy to: info@wildlifeasia.org

2/ A synopsis of the film in 100 words or less (Wildlife Asia reserves the right to edit synopses for publication purposes)

3/ One copy of each program in PAL DVD (region-free) for each category entered

4/ A copy of the English script

5/ Entry fees paid in full

6/ Any special submission required (as indicated below)


Include resume of the filmmaker’s previous professional experience, and a description of the creative contributions others may have made to the final shape of the program

Submit entry form only, with website address clearly stated

Stills Photography
Submit 8inx10in print(s) and a copy of the print(s) on CD/DVD

Journalistic Article
Submit an original hard copy (if possible) AND soft copy – PDF of the article

Special Awards - Whale
Please provide a statement that clearly states why you believe this person deserves the award, including 2 or 3 examples of their work. Please also include supporting statements from third parties who are well acquainted with the nominee’s work.


FILMS/NEWS FEATURES: Wildlife Asia reserves the right to use portions of films submitted to the Festival for non-broadcast promotional purposes. Wildlife Asia reserves the right to screen film submissions, in whole or in part, at the Festival and to include submissions in retrospective programmes at future Festivals.

Wildlife Asia reserves the right to make dubs of film entries for Festival use, including for public screenings in Singapore. A DVD copy of film entries may be archived in the Festival’s Video Library (for archival, reference and public screening/educational purposes).

Should a film be nominated for an award, a broadcast quality (PAL Digital BETACAM or HDCAM) master may be requested for a screenings during the Festival. Wildlife Asia reserves the right to archive in perpetuity a copy of all films nominated for an award. Wildlife Asia reserves the right to include nominated films in Wildlife Asia Best of Festival screening tours, to be held in public venues around the world.

PHOTOGRAPHS: Wildlife Asia reserves the right to publish in perpetuity any submitted photograph on the Wildlife Asia website, in the Wildlife Asia PDF newsletter, and in any other Wildlife Asia publications.

WRITTEN ARTICLES: If short-listed, Wildlife Asia reserves the right to edit the article and publish the article on the Wildlife Asia website and in the Wildlife Asia PDF newsletter, and in other festival related publications.

In all circumstances, Wildlife Asia will ensure that proper credit is made to the copyright holders and/or originators of the materials.


Entrants are responsible for shipping charges and insurance for submitting entry materials to the Festival. All screening copies of film submissions will be retained by Wildlife Asia.

Wildlife Asia Film Festival
18A Rose Lane
Singapore 437378



Entries will be judged on scientific accuracy and content, creativity, technical quality, educational value and the ability to engage the audience through narrative and stunning visuals. Particular attention will be paid to films with an Asia perspective.

Wildlife Asia selects a panel to serve as preliminary selection committee. Shortlisted finalists should expect to be notified on or after 1st November 2008.

Judging of the selected finalists will be conducted by a jury of experts during the two days prior to the Festival. Winners are announced at the Lion Film Awards Ceremony.

The jury reserves the right to withhold an award in any category for which there is an insufficient number of qualifying submissions, or to create new awards for films deserving special recognition.

All films entered into competition are eligible for the Lion Award (best overall film entry) which is presented at the discretion of the judges.

Download Lion Awards Entry Form NOW