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Who Are We?

The Wildlife Asia Film Festival is managed by Wildlife Asia Limited, a non-profit company incorporated in Singapore.

Wildlife Asia Limited is dedicated to:

  • Using the power of the media to nurture greater public awareness and support of conservation and environmental issues;
  • Developing the television industry in Asia - particularly natural history, conservation and environmental filmmaking; and
  • Increasing relationships between professionals working in the media, conservation and environment.

    Wildlife Asia forms the crucial link between the television media and conservation in Asia, and is internationally recognized as the festival that actively promotes the Asian perspective.

    Many of the industry's leading players - Animal Planet/Discovery Channel, the BBC, National Geographic Channel, NHK and NHNZ - endorse the festival and actively participate in the event.

    Further to the Wildlife Asia Film Festival, Wildlife Asia Ltd plans to create other complimentary initiatives with the common aim of using communications media and the arts to educate and motivate active support for conservation and the environment.

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    We would like to extend our deepest thanks to Widlife Asia's Founding Sponsors:

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