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Industry goes Wild for Wildlife Asia


"Wildlife Asia is a very exciting initiative... We look forward to working with Wildlife Asia to make the festival a great success!"
- Harriet Nimmo, Chief Executive, Wildscreen International Wildlife and Environmental Film Festival

"Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival has been supportive of Wildlife Asia's vision from the beginning."
- Lisa Samford, Executive Director, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

"...Discovery Networks Asia are committed to supporting the event in any way we can."
- Kevin Dickie, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Discovery Channels Asia, Singapore

"National Geographic has no hesitation in lending our support to the Wildlife Asia Film Festival..."
- Bryan Smith, Executive Vice President - Production, National Geographic Channel Productions, Singapore

"Asia has a great wealth of natural wonders... and wildlife television is growing enormously in popularity in the region. Wildlife Asia will be a great opportunity to reflect that and encourage further interest in this area... The BBC would be very happy to participate in the festival."
- Neil Nightingale, Head, the BBC Natural History Unit, UK

"Wildlife Asia would be a very significant event for the industry in the Southern hemisphere... We would be very happy to support such a venture."
- Dione Gilmour, Head, Natural History Unit, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

"We applaud Wildlife Asia's initiative. We are prepared to support it in all the ways we can."
- Neil Harraway, Director of Production, NHNZ, New Zealand

"...This important initiative is attracting attention across the world as it provides the focus and foundations for growth in environmental awareness throughout the region."
- Joe Yaggi, Co-President (UK), Filmmakers For Conservation

"This is just what wildlife needs!..."
- Mike H Pandey, Riverbanks Productions, India

"Wildlife Asia is bringing much needed attention to wildlife and conservation filmmaking in Asia..."
- Caroline Underwood, Producer/Director, CBC, Canada, an award-winning filmmaker and long-term producer/director of "The Nature of Things" with David Suzuki. Caroline is a Founder Member of Filmmakers For Conservation.

"We believe that Wildlife Asia will succeed in boosting appreciation for our natural environment, not only within the film industry, but also among the general public."
- Howard Shaw, Executive Director, Singapore Environment Council (SEC)

"It is about time that Asia has a premier festival in recognition of the significance of its rich, diverse heritage."
- Christopher N. Palmer, Producer. Two-time Emmy winner; Oscar nominee. Kennedy Scholar, Harvard University. Founder and Director, American University SOC's Center for Environmental Filmmaking.
"This showcase of international conservation films and conservationists will become an important avenue for educating the public both in Asia and around the world."
- John F. Calvelli, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs, Wildlife Conservation Society
"Wildlife Asia will be a magnificent venue for showcasing and stimulating Asian wildlife film production and for highlighting Asian perspectives on nature. It will play a vital role in boosting appreciation for Asia's rich natural heritage and diverse conservation efforts. We at NHK strongly support Wildlife Asia and look forward to helping it grow."
- Shinichi Murata, Executive Producer, NHK
"Wildlife Asia is crucial for media development and conservation in Asia."
- Edmund Tee, Publisher, FiNs

Wildlife Asia attended the Wildscreen Wildlife and Environmental Film Festival in Bristol UK in October 2006.
Here's a selection of responses:

"Wildlife Asia is so exciting! There's a lot of excitement here [at Wildscreen] about Wildlife Asia. We're looking forward to it, I think a lot of people are going to attend it, and it's just a great thing for conservation, for filmmakers and for the world."
- Christopher N. PalmerFounder and Director, American University SOC's Center for Environmental Filmmaking. President, McGillivray Freeman Films Education Foundation. (USA)

"I'm really delighted that Wildlife Asia is going to happen. I think it's got a fantastic contribution to make for Asia."
- Jane Krish, Former Executive Director, Wildscreen. (UK)

"Wildlife Asia is very important for Asian filmmakers to raise awareness of environmental issues in the region.."
- Nanang Sujana, Telepak. (Indonesia)

"Of all the places on the planet that we should be looking at in terms of man and nature, probably South-East Asia is the most important to try and do something about because of the speed of change, and the scale of change - and usually it's nature that suffers. We need to talk about this, to make films about this and we need to reach children particularly. I think Wildlife Asia will really help address this, but it has to be quick, it's quite urgent, and I hope everyone will support it."
- Richard Brock, Founder - the Brock Initiative. Former BBC Producer - Life on Earth, The Living Planet. (UK)

"Wildlife Asia is essential to giving Asian filmmakers a voice."
- Sandesh Kadur, Gorgas Science Foundation. (USA/India)